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We offer complete web app development services that are specifically designed to address the special business challenges you face.

We create responsive and custom web applications for your company using the most recent technologies, including PHP, Web 2.0, HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and OS Commerce. Our skilled team combines PHP's dynamism with other programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and database languages like MySQL. We use frameworks like ZEND, Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, and CakePHP to build cross-platform, cross-device products.

By utilising the most recent web technologies to meet various project requirements, we have established a niche for ourselves in the web app development industry. Additionally, we devote ourselves entirely to both the technical and the marketing aspects of the project. We typically deliver the best within the estimated time by keeping communication open and adhering to the Agile approach.

Web development services we offer

We offer a variety of services. Shish Technology goes above and beyond to fully comprehend our client's goals and particular business challenges to offer the most suitable web app solution.


Custom application development

We can do it quickly and affordably, whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline current front-end functionality.

We provide document management solutions, business intelligence solutions, application migration to the cloud, collaboration, and portal development, secure intranet, extranet, and portal setup, as well as maintenance, support, and upgrade services.


Portal development

We build both web portals and corporate portals. The best performance, cost-effectiveness, and growth potential are provided by our web portals. Our enterprise-level deployments make use of effective intranets, extranets, and workplaces for collaboration. We integrate enterprise social functionality, self-service workflows, access to aggregated information, and extensive collaborative capabilities into our portals.


E-Commerce development

We provide complete e-Commerce solutions that integrate payment gateways, have high-end plug-in modules, are constantly maintained, and have enticing user interfaces.


Website development and maintenance

We design websites with simple navigation, solid information architecture, user-friendly visual cues, and a focus on conversion. Domain name registration, content creation and management, navigation design, programming, user interface design, and many other services are among the ones we offer. No matter the resolution or size of the screen, our websites function flawlessly.


SaaS products

We support businesses and SaaS startups in their efforts to innovate at scale and create better software products. We shorten the time-to-market by using some SaaS development accelerators, reusable frameworks, and components. We offer UX engineering and design, API engineering and design, distributed architecture, data analytics, machine learning, cloud-native practices, and automated testing.


Open source web development and revamp

The idea of "open-source development" enables you to create new versions of your website using the same source code. The website's web page's source codes are visible, which is the only distinction. With our open-source website redesign and development services, you can change the website's source code from the original design to meet unrealistic roll-out deadlines and financial constraints.


Web application support and maintenance

We collaborate with you to maintain web applications that were either created by us or by outside vendors. Our skilled engineers are capable of handling any task with ease, whether it be repairing bugs or adding new functionality. We also track all of your future requirements and offer assistance.

Web application development cycle

Our Solution Development Cycle helps turn your great ideas into profitable business solutions.


Our App Development Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Increasing customer engagement and loyalty

Applications for mobile devices are created through the development of mobile applications. A network connection is used by mobile apps to access remote computing resources. Making installable apps for mobile devices and implementing backend services, like data access through an API, are all part of the app development process. Another step in the process involves testing the application on the intended devices.


Improving employee experiences

No matter where they are, employees can access customer data and information specific to their jobs via mobile apps. Employees can advance their skills and output more by dealing with manual and repetitive tasks rather than them. Mobile apps are crucial resources for employees in today's workforce, especially in hybrid or remote work environments. Apps for mobile devices can increase employee retention and satisfaction.


Developing a culture of innovation

Mobile apps available today go beyond data collection, media sharing, and e-commerce. An increasing number of businesses are making investments in mobile applications that incorporate cutting-edge augmented reality and capabilities and integrate with various cloud services. These mobile applications are upending entire industries while tackling difficult business problems. Businesses that adopt an innovative culture will become leaders in their respective fields.


Creating new revenue channels

Mobile apps can help businesses improve their current business processes, but they can also help them find new growth opportunities. Businesses will discover opportunities to engage new audiences while also expanding their product and service offerings to their current clientele by digitizing their business processes.

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