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Node.JS Development

Node.js is a server-side technology to develop web APIs (Application Programming Interface) that empowers the developers to make use of an event-driven technique to develop the back-end for web or mobile applications. This contributes to lightweight effective servers, which facilitate gigantic concurrency and high out-turn.

Node.js is indisputably expeditious once compiled using Javascript-based packages. It makes reading and writing of both network connections and databases exceptionally quick with the use of Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. This next-generation and dynamic framework are being used by businesses across different industry verticals to meet their software need so that they can leverage the built-in package manager NPM, which auto controls stopping server shutdown, in case of some exceptions (run time error) happens.

It allows web application development to be incorporated around a solitary programming language, as opposed to being dependent on a diverse language for the inscription of server-side scripts.

Web Application Development Using Node.Js

Real-Time Web Applications:

Node.js framework supports the development of real-time web apps with amazing concurrency. Besides, it enables multiple-user applications development for chat or gaming apps.

Blazing fast development:

The presence of a small boilerplate in a Node.js server empowers the developers to initiate work on features without wasting much time. The execution of the web application development process like reading, writing or the creation of a file system can be done at blazing fast speed with a high precision rate.

Easy coding:

It is quite simple to code JavaScript for server-side using Node.js. This is because of the fact that when the database structure is ready, it is quite faster for developers to implement Node.js web APIs, as Node packages auto-creates APIs Skeleton for them, and then developers can customize those APIs to incorporate server-side business logic according to specific requirements. Thus, data transmission is efficient and well-harmonized between server and client which results in the development of highly-performing web applications with high connectivity.

Our Scope Of Node.Js Development Services

Shish Technology is a leading Node.js development company with expertise in developing a holistic and feature-rich websites with the use of pioneering Node.js technology. Our scope of Node.js development services primarily include:

Customized Node.Js Web Development

We develop custom-built server-side web applications with the use of Node.js and integrate high-quality functionalities around your business requirements.

Backend Web API Development

We offer supercharged and extensible web APIs development solutions as per the changing requirements of your growing business.

Personalized Portal Development

We offer unswerving and ground-breaking portal development solutions with the aim to reinforce the performance of Node.js-based web applications.

E-Commerce Website Development

Our years of e-commerce domain expertise enable us to develop highly secured platforms to meet the expectations of your online potential customers by integrating responsive and seamless navigation systems and multiple payment gateways using Node.js backend web APIs capabilities.

Migration And Upgrading Services

Our team of qualified and experienced Node.js developers is available 24X7 to ensure smooth and hassle-free migration of your existing website to the Node.js framework. In addition to migration services, we also offer upgrading services for the existing Node.js framework.

Support And Maintenance

On top of Node.js development services, we hold expertise in providing uninterrupted and steady support and maintenance services based upon well pre-defined SLAs, even after winding up the development process

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