IT Risk & Security Management is essential for every organisation in today's fast-paced society.

Businesses are transforming their operational procedures to take advantage of big data analytics, mobility, web collaboration, and cloud services. Most of them typically lack sufficient security experts on staff and do not view enterprise IT security strategy as a necessary component.

But doing so results in a bad strategy that accomplishes nothing. Enterprise IT security should be prioritised by businesses. With network attacks, break-ins, unintentional security lapses, vulnerable web services, etc., personal information, digital intellectual property, enterprise cyber infrastructure, and even business-critical apps can be compromised. A complete range of security services related to IT are offered by Shish Technology. Our IT Security Services give businesses a thorough, in-depth understanding of their vulnerability landscape to improve effectiveness in thwarting sophisticated attacks and reduce business risks.

Managed IT Security Services

Shish Technology caters to companies looking for strategic partners to outsource their IT security management with effective, high-quality solutions. Our products include vulnerability scans, penetration tests, and monitoring and analytics of security incidents. Shish Technology helps clients comply with their IT governance processes, manage corporate risk, and achieve compliance with state laws, legal frameworks, and industry standards by directly aligning those services with business and operational goals.

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IT Security Auditing & Compliance

Shish Technology ICT has a wealth of expertise in evaluating procedures, technical standards, and legal and regulatory requirements on a local, national, and international level. The client's legal compliance requirements specific to their industry are taken into account when providing IT Security Auditing & Compliance services.


IT Security Integration and Support

IT security systems are expected to become significantly more dependable as ICT technologies become more widely used in businesses. ICTs are crucial to the efficient management of information processes because regular business operations could be disrupted if a company doesn't react to a threat in a timely manner. From network security solutions to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services, Shish Technology's IT Risk & Security Department provides a full range of Integration and Support services. We take pride in providing solutions and services that are customised to our clients' expectations thanks to our team of highly skilled Network and Security Engineers and years of business security experience. Prior to planning and implementing security solutions to address all the unique requirements, we first analyse the needs of our customers. Make sure the security of your company's network is at the highest level.

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